Porua, an initiative started by Light of Hope but supported by hundreds of individuals and organizations to set up school libraries in Bangladesh. To know more about LoH’s work, visit: www.lightofhopebd.org



Porua aims to increase children’s creativity, imagination and reading skills by setting up low-cost school libraries with age-appropriate storybooks. Porua gives the opportunity to individuals and organizations to be a part of the largest private-run library initiative in the world by contributing their resource and skills. LEARN MORE

Sponsor Library

Any individual, organization or corporate can sponsor to set up a full library including books and setup cost. You can check the location of our supported library through GPS location and see your impact LIVE.


Organize a campaign

Students in schools and colleges can organize an old storybook collection campaign. The collected books will be used to set up a new library in a school-in-need. The organizers and Porua will inaugurate the library together to see the impact first hand. To organize a campaign or in your organization, contact below. CONTACT US








What else can be more exciting if you can Build a library with only 30,000 taka and create 1000 readers

If you are interested to support our initiative you can directly send a message at [email protected] or call  Kiron (+880-1944912729).


Dream Big!

100,000 School Libraries in Bangladesh

Join with us. It will be a lifetime journey!

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