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Your smallest contribution matters

You can donate as small as 100 BDT ($2) to buy one or two books. Over 50% of the
cost to set up school libraries come from individuals like you. You can donate us to
buy some books or sponsor a whole library.
An entire library costs us only 30,000 BDT ($ 375) and you can track where your
library was set up from our library map.


Options (individual can select the number of books she/he wants to donate. An
equivalent amount will be shown. He/she can choose to support a whole library)

1 book = 100 BDT
5 books = 500 BDT
50 books = 5000 BDT
Entire library = 30000 BDT

You can donate us books or equivalent money for buying books.
1 book = 80 BDT ($1)
100 Books – 8000 BDT
50 Books – 4000 BDT
You can also donate the full cost of a Library - 30,000 BDT

Cost of 200 Books – 16,000 BDT
Book Shelve – 10,000 BDT
Library setup, monitoring and other logistics cost – 4000 BDT

Corporate Donation or CSR project

We received enthusiastic response from different corporate and organizations who
supported us to set up libraries throughout the country. If you choose to create a
long-term impact, Porua project is one of the best option you can choose.
We plan, design and implement small to large-scale library project for our
corporate partners. If you are interested to support us even one school library,
reach out to us.

Contact person:
Email: [email protected], [email protected] (create this if necessary)

Our Corporate partners

The logos of the corporate.

Apply for a library

If you are running a school, working in an education organization who runs school,
please reach out to us. We can help you to set up high quality and low cost school
library so that you can help your students to improve creativity, imagination and
literacy skills.

You can download the application form here. Fill it up and send us at
[email protected] or [email protected]

Fill up the form to apply for library
(online form)

Library Form

Library form


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